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How to get a perfect fit from Invisibelt's Plastic Belt:


invisible belt


With Invisibelt's adjustment peice its possible to get a perfect fit every time! Adjust to your size, thread through your belt loops and snap into place. You'll always have a belt that fits!


Why everyone should own an Invisibelt Plastic Belt:


1. 100% adjustable so you will always have a snug fit with everything.


2. Its plastic, so its nickel free and hypoallergenic. No more itching, rashes or breakouts ever!


3. Waterproof and weather proof. Can be worn in the rain, sun, wind and snow.


4. Our clear belt will match EVERY outfit.


5. It will always keep your curves smooth, unlike buckle belts that add inches to your waistline by bulging up under your top.


6. No more plummer's crack! Invisibelt will support the most low cut jeans keeping them snug and in place all of the time.


plastic belt