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Invisibelt: The Plastic Belt

No more worry about belt allergies with Invisibelt's amazingly slimming clear plastic belt. These belts contain no nickle, and no belt buckles so they will never irritate, bother or discolor your skin. These plastic belts are soft, flexible and fully adjustable, giving you a perfect fit every time.


plastic belt


Because these plastic belts have no belt buckle, they eliminate any belt buckle bulge instantly creating a sleeker slimmer look. They are undetectable under clothing and our clear plastic belt is practically invisible on top of your favorite shirt.


Made by fashion editor Kathy Kramer, these plastic belts were made for function, not fashion - even though they are stylish enough to dress up any outfit.


Spring cleaning? Through out all of your bulky belts and make room for one slim and sleek plastic belt that will blend in with your entire wardrobe. For more information on Invisibelt's instantly slimming plastic belts, please visit us today!

plastic belts